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Hi MovNorth Community,

First things first. A big shout-out to this amazing community. This is my first post here. I used to be a lurker before. Got my IELTS score today.

Overall: 8.0
Listening: 8.5
Reading: 8.0
Writing: 8.5
Speaking 7.5

Although I feared that I will get a very low score in Listening (due to bad acoustics in the IELTS exam room) I got a good score in it surprisingly. But well, reading turned out to be a disaster. The gods of luck blessed me with a pretty decent score in Writing section, which is my biggest nemesis.

WES evaluation is supposed to be done by the 22nd of January.

All I know is that once I get my hands on IELTS score card, I should start creating profile for Express Entry. And for that, I will be needing all your knowledge & good wishes.

P.S: I promise, I won’t be a lurker no more.


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Hi, is WES evaluatiion mandatory?

Also did you use any study materials for the IELTS exam

WES evaluation is mandatory.

I seriously prepared only for IELTS writing, as the last decent piece I wrote was 10 years ago. As mentioned by someone in this community, I took Mastering IELTS writing course by Matt Rainsbury, which is available in Udemy.

For other sections I browsed through videos by IELTS Liz on YouTube.

Hope you find this helpful.