New travel restrictions - Hotel quarantine

We are using QMM and yet to get our stuff on Canadian side. Once I complete the process, I can share my experience :slight_smile:

Sure @mem1476 - Will share the details and Good luck!

@rndmdude How is their quote compared to U-Pack, do they provide storage? Thanks

@rndmdude thanks! Good luck :slight_smile:

@swamiom thank you! Good luck to you too :slight_smile:

It was higher than UPack. However, we had less time for our move so we went with QMM. Storage is additional. It is around 800 for 15 days of storage . All of these major moving services sub-contract your loading/unloading to smaller local companies, so the actual service is dependent on them. I am still waiting on delivery here in Canada and then can share more details.
If you are crossing over in Summer, go for Uhaul.

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