NOC Code confusion

I graduated from university as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer.

My proffession is as below in biomedical device technical service in healthcare company

  1. Technical Service Specialist - (About 6 Years)
  2. Technical Service Manager - NOC: 0211 (About 2 Years)

I am a bit confused to decide on which NOC code for above first experience.
Although I am an EE Engineer, should I refer my NOC as 2148 (Biomedical Engineer) instead of 2133 EE Engineer since it matches specifically or should I refere myself as 2133 because it also includes a biomedical devices as an electronic device.

CIC Says for 2133 Electronical Engineer

  • Supervise and inspect the installation, modification, testing and operation of electrical and electronic systems and equipment
  • Develop maintenance and operating standards for electrical and electronic systems and equipment
  • Investigate electrical or electronic failures

CIC Says for 2148 Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers

  • Design and develop medical diagnostic and clinical instrumentation, equipment and procedures; develop devices to assist persons with disabilities; advise hospital administrators on planning, acquisition and use of medical equipment; and modify and install or supervise installation of equipment.