NOC help Required for 2174

Hi all

Just signed up in this community. I have got my referral letter that closely matches 2174 from my company. I have some questions about the job duties

  1. Can you please help me review and confirm that Job duties matches 2174 and seems good?
  2. Also all the necessary details like letter head are present in my referral letter. But is it mandatory to have Bullet points for Job duties? Thanks in Advance

Official Job duties from CIC website:

During the employment with [Company Name] [My name] performed following duties:

Compile and analyze data, processes, and codes to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement. Developed a system to show rating of Sellers on Amazon using Java and other Amazon software technologies. Worked on improving UI for the customers using front end technologies like HTML,CSS, Javascript and Jquery. Developed and wrote unit tests and integration tests to improve the system performance and reliability. Prepared reports on programming project specifications, activities, or status.

ABC wrote, update, and integrate computer program to handle specific jobs, such as API and storing or retrieving data from software systems. Perform revision, maintenance, or expansion of existing programs to adapt to new requirements. Prepare technical documentation of program development and subsequent revisions. Communicate with technical personnel to clarify program intent, identify problems, and suggest solutions. Develop software applications by producing clean, efficient code. Create and develop website architecture, quality code, consistent with quality standards. Research and propose software programs that are compatible to the future technologies. Assist test team to identify and fix the bugs and issues with the software.

Consult with clients in various review processes i.e. business requirements, test plans, design reviews, etc. to gain a solid understanding of the application and provide input into the various deliverables. Develop appropriate code structures to solve specific tasks and implement contingency plans in case of systems failure. Assign, coordinate, and review work of programming personnel and train subordinates in programming and program coding. Research and Evaluate different software for the enhancement of existing system.