NOC Time and Working Hours

I have an issue with the number of working hours and the 1 year of work experience.
I have two main sources of work experience:

  1. Full-time job, by working 40hs per week (instead of the 30 that appear in Canada’s website), uninterrupted during 11 months. This amounts to 1920 hours (48 weeks*40 hours) instead of the required 1560 (52 weeks *30 hours). Therefore this is more hours than required, but less than one year, would I still be able to apply?

  2. Same issue with the part-time job. I worked for one year and a half 4 hours per day, which amounts to 20hs per week, instead of the 15 stated on the Canadian website. They demand two years of this work experience for 1560 hours (15 hrs per week *52 weeks *2), however, I have 1560 hours also, but by working 20 hrs per week (20 hrs per week * 52 weeks * 1.5 one and a half years). Would I be able to apply with this?