Not receiving police clearance certificate before the deadline of ITA

I have recently submitted my application (8/4/18) Express Entry profile with a score of 474. Based on the current draw of 7/25, I believe my application might be selected in next draw. I haven’t yet applied for police clearance. I am planning to do that in next days. What happens if we receive ITA and we haven’t received our police clearance certificate? We have only 60 days to send all the documents including police clearance. Thanks

Most likely you will have to wait for next for ITA if you don’t get PCC within 60 days. With your score that shouldn’t be a problem. You cannot submit your final application (eAPR) till all documents are uploaded.

I don’t know whether CIC will ask you for PCC after you submit or whether they’ll cancel you application and ask you to do it again. Afaik, you cannot submit documents after eAPR unless CIC asks you for them.

Thanks Anshul for your response. It is indeed helpful. Can you please explain what does reissuing ITA mean and how many times it is possible and how much time do they give?
Thanks once again

As long as you are in the pool you will keep getting ITAs at every draw if you clear the cutoff (assuming you did not submit eAPR for the previous one within deadline, or declined ITAs).

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That is good to know. Thanks, I really appreciate your help