Online degrees for improving CRS

In order to maximize the CRS for the education category, what would be my options given that I am currently working in the US and have a Bachelor’s degree in Technology ( from India).

  • Is an online MS degree (USA university) suggested ?
  • Would an online MS degree from Canadian university make any difference ?
  • Are the one year online post-grad diplomas counted towards CRS points ?

Please suggest.

Canadian education and experience is valued over any foreign education/experience. You can pursue a Master’s degree from anywhere but before doing so please check if the educational evaluation for that foreign degree makes it equivalent to the same degree in Canada. You might be able to check this on the WES website.

I would recommend pursuing a degree from a Canadian school but I don’t know if an online degree holds the same weight as attending a university in Canada. Someone else on the group might be able to shed more light on this.

thnak you. @vik @avj can you please help ?

I don’t know much about online degrees. WES has a tool where you can select the type of education you receive and the Canadian equivalency. That tool doesn’t have a drop down option for “Canada” because equivalency is for foreign education, including US. Also, it doesn’t have an option for “online masters”. A good way to verify if online degree will work is to call WES (or any other evaluating agency) to confirm. According to WES tool it doesn’t matter if the degree was 1, 2, or 3 years.