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Almost everyone is talking about Tech jobs in Canada. I am interested in knowing about job prospects for Chartered Accountant. What are the future prospects for CA in Canada? Will it be a good idea to go for it? Share your views and knowledge on this.


Check if CA certifications/licenses from other countries are acceptable in Canada. It may be possible that US CPA licences may be accepted but verify that.

Indian CA has to do Canada CPA for the licence. But my concern is getting a job on the basis of CA only and do CPA on the side. Have you come across any such case?

You can look online on job boards and get a feel of how many exist. But depending on the licenseing requirements of Canada - which I have zero knowledge of - you may have to do those first before people will entertain your application. Based on what I’ve heard US CPA is usually accepted in many countries but I don’t know about Canada. This is one of those things that you, as an expert in your field, will have to do some research on.

Also, if you had a PR and the required certification it may be easier to get interviews.

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Thnx…will do research on this and update the forum.

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Indian CA can get a job in Canada but that have limited options, one can visit https://icaitoronto.com/ for more detail. There is also a MOU between ICAI and CICA which is pending for renewal, once its renewed, things will get little easier. On the side, one can start CPA, so to get more job prospects.

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