Passport and IELTS validity

Hello Friends,

I have two questions:

  1. My son’s passport expires in July 2019 and my application is in last 30 days, i.e. it has been 5 months plus since I submitted. Assuming we will get the PPR in a few days, will my son received the PR only until the passport is valid, or will will it be by default for 5 years?
    1.a. Should I apply for a new passport? But wouldn’t that be an issue since the PR application has his old passport number?

  2. My IELTS score is valid until June 03 2019. In case there is a delay in processing will I be required to take another test?

Thanks & Regards,

IELTS score should be valid AT the time of applying for EE. You will not be required to take the test again, as a matter of fact the same rule applies to Police Certificate as well.