Passport expiration date within 3 months

My current passport expires in Nov 18, and I have received ITA on July 25th. For both medical clearance and police clearance from Indian Embassy, I understand it is mandatory to have passport. Does it have to be a passport with greater than 6 months validity? Will there be any issue if I get all these clearances using current passport and later apply for the new passport?

I don’t think they mention it. You will have to definitely notify CIC as soon as you get new passport so you can send it for PPR because your PR visa validity depends on that. I have heard cases where medical test don’t require passport (varies from clinic to clinic). I think it should be OK to use current passport to get PCC and medical test. Use the web form to update passport once you get it.

Thanks Anshul! I have recently learnt that a notarized color photo copy of passport will suffice for PCC, but never read something like that before. Is that a viable option?