Passport photocopy

Question re: passport photocopy for ITA submssion, should i submit all pages of current passport only or do i add the previous expired passport too(which is not used in any part of documentation). Any suggestion would be appreciated ?

@mrandmrs help needed.

@canadadreams help needed in putting the right documents

I submitted all stamped pages of my new and old passports. i think you are required to submit only current passport plus any valid visas in old passports, but submitting all stamped pages might help in correlating travel history with online travel records.

Firstly u should scan all the used pages of the passport. Secondly, if u have traveled internationally using the expired passport within the last 10 years, then yes u should send those copies as well bcz u have to give the information of all ur travel in the last 10 years. We did the same. So basically we have submitted the entire scanned copies of our expired passports also.

Oh ya valid visas in expired also…

@canadadreams @usa2can thank you for the input.