Passport Request from CPO for PR Confirmation


Last week I got an email requesting to the sent passport with signed Annex A form and two photos for issuing PR confirmation. I already sent all the documents. But I forgot to sign the back of the photos which I realized later on. Does this slow down the process creates an issue? I emailed them on regarding same. Is there any other way to reach them from the USA? Any insights are appreciated. Thank you.

I got PPR on 04/09 and sent my passport to CPCO on 04/15 which reached on 04/16. I’ve sent all the necessary documents (customs invoices, return label, photos etc.) but I was under the impression that CPCO will send my passport in a new envelope. Should I have sent a return envelope?
I know the request letter mentions a pre-paid return envelope but I thought that the return label would suffice, which I confirmed with the FedEX associate.
Please advise on the next steps I should take.
cc: @vik

Yes return label would be fine. Don’t worry. They re-use the same envelope.

Thank you for your prompt response. Although, the envelope I sent was not a reusable envelope. Will it work in that case?
I called FedEx and they said if CPCO schedules a pick-up, they can ask the pick-up associate to bring along an envelope.

If you used Next Day delivery its likely that envelope would be reusable. But if not in that case I have no idea how it will work. Lets see if others have experienced something similar.

So I just replied. I think it should be fine. The label pays for the cover so they should have covers in their department to send back. Again don’t hold me on this but I think it should be okay.

Thank you for your response. Apparently, the FedEX guy had attached a return envelope which I was unaware of. My PR was approved on 04/25, return tracker was activated on 04/29, and I got my passport the next day.