Passport stuck with CPCO – PR VISA

Urgent help needed.
I got my PPR confirmation and I had send my passport to CPCO – PR VISA Ottawa office from US address. The return label had incorrect commercial invoice value(Fedex messed up) so the passport with PR visa got returned back to CPCO office. I have emailed the correct invoice with return label to them and also faxed the same. I have not received any response for last 3 days. Is there any contact number that I could reach out to?

Appreciate all the help here!

Sorry to hear. The only way is to call traditional customer care in Canada. Or you can submit a web form. Or email

Hi All,

Post PPR confirmation, I sent my and my wife’s passports to CPCO Ottawa office through FedEx and online in my profile I see our counterfoil documents are generated on Jan 6th 2020.
Mid last week I got email from CPCO office asking for Commerical invoice for prepaid return label I sent to them as part of original package. Does anyone know how to generate Commerical Invoice?
I checked with local FedEx store manager and he mentioned that for Non Commerical value documents you don’t need Commerical Invoice.