Passport validity vs entry

Hi can anyone guide if I enter in Canada 5 month before expiration of passport and got immigration without stamp or six month entry, how much time the entry will be valid. Or
if renew my passport within Canada, is it automatically remains for six months or should I applied for extension with date of expiry of old passport…

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@ApSingh - Sorry but your concern here seems to be unclear to me. Are you asking if you get PR visa stamp while your passport is about to expire, would it be valid even after renewing your passport later?

@mrandmrs - not sure wehther OP had that question, but I do. My PR just got approved, but my passport expires in 6 months. I do not plan to move to Canada prior to that. Will I have to go through the entire application process again from scratch?

Hi @ak8610. You won’t have to go through the entire process again. Apparently there is a workaround where you can get the new passport stamped with the CoPR again. Check this thread: