PCC Police Clerance Certificate for different countries

HI All

I have been working for Software firm, and I have been travelling to differen countries where i have stayed for +6months. Hence I need to know how do i get the PCC for the below countries as I called up the embassy and i am not getting any proper information. I have dropped mails too.

I need to get PCC for these countries.

Can I go to the embassy in Delhi and ask for the PCC. I m really worried as I have already got the ITA.
I just have 56 days left.

As I am from Bangalore I would like to know if i go to Delhi will it help? As there is no much info online on this. Please help!!!

Can some one please help…

This website let’s you select the country and gives you the process of getting PCC from tht country. As far as I have understood, you need to visit the respective embassies for all the details. And this should happen asap because the processing time seems to be a lot. Also in case you can’t submit the PCCs in time, you will have 2 options - to decline the ITA or show them the proof that you have made a sincere attempt to secure one.