Physical Presence Requirement

I got my CoPR! I’m a US Citizen, and my wonderful Canadian wife is acting as my sponsor.

I have to land before next May (2022). Have a few questions about how I can legally maintain my PR status once I land, given that the requirement is 730 days in Canada out of five years.

  1. If I haven’t had the status for five years yet, how is this metric measured?
  2. What is the first day for counting days: the date of the CoPR? the date of landing? the date the PR card is issued? or some other date?
  3. The IRCC suggests that travel abroad with a Canadian spouse can be counted as time spent in Canada for purposes of this metric. We plan to hang onto our home in Seattle (USA) and spend about half the time there. As long as we come and go together, could I theoretically count all the days as time spent in Canada?