Please help in filling address, personal and travel history, filing my application tomorrow. Thanks very much!

Hello friends,

I am planning my submit my application tomorrow. Have some doubts regarding address, personal and travel history. Appreciate your valuable inputs!

  1. Address History
    a) Is entering digit zero okay in street number, if we don’t have any number?
    b) Since there is no postal code field for Indian address, is it okay to mention postal code in street name section?
    c) Is district same as state in India?
    d) Since there cannot be gaps in address history, what should i write for transit times?
    Like for example, i left US on Aug 15th and reached India on Aug 17th. I can write till Aug15th as US address and from Aug 17th as Indian address. How to fill Aug 16th day (transit) and what should i write in the country and street name? Should i leave and explain in LOE?

  2. Travel History
    a) I have filled my travel history in the following way based on arrival/departure(Indian stamps) and admitted USA stamps. Please check couple of my entries let me know if i did it in the right way.
    From Dec 18th 2006 Hyderabad to Dec 18th 2006 (Admitted) US Purpose is doing my MS
    From August 10th 2010 USA to Aug 12th 2010 Hyderabad Purpose is to reside permanently in India
    From March 08th 2013 Hyderabad to March 9th USA (Admitted) Purpose for employment.
    From April 10th 2015 USA to April 12th 2015 Hyderabad Purpose is to reside permanently in India.

  3. Personal History
    a) I am 31 years old. My education is done more than 10 years ago, since they ask for only last 10 years, should i remove the education entries and fill only till last 10 years?
    b) I have an employment which i did not mention in my work history and not claiming points. I have my tax run on different state, while i worked and resided in another state in USA. Is it okay to mention my address truthfully and explain this in LOE?
    C) Is it okay to mention Out of status in status field (Schedule A background form) in personal history? My employer did not pay me for 3 months, and i am not sure if he cancelled my H-1B or not. I left before my visa date. But i don;t want to misrepresent and want to say that i was unpaid. So can i put the status as H-1B or out of status if i am not sure about it? I am not claiming points for this employment.

Thanks for your time and understanding, please advise!