Please suggest an NOC code for UX Researcher role

Hi Everyone,

I am a UX Researcher in Silicon Valley (tech sector) and have been in the industry for about 3 years. I plan to be the primary applicant for Express Entry. My academic and research background is in Psychology (cognitive science, research methods, human-computer interaction), NOT clinical or other applied behavior. I have a B.A and M.A in these areas from U.S. universities.

I have been researching NOC codes for my job profile which mainly involves user research (library research as well as interviews), data analysis (mostly qualitative), and writing reports/communicating results. I came across a close match for NOC (NOC- 4161) but not certain if it fits my job description. Is research in human-computer interaction and human-computer interfaces considered an applied science? What would you suggest is a close NOC for my academic background and work experience?

NOC 4161 Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and prog officers


NOC is back by the proof of work document (Reference Letters) from your employers that define your job title, start date, pay etc. Your educational background does not factor in here.

NOC 4161 - Does not seem to be a fit for your experience and job title. Have you looked at the example titles that show up for this NOC.

I can’t seem to find a matching NOC, I understand the position since I’ve worked closely with UX Teams at Linkedin and other places.

I have mailed the “Labour Market Information Division” asking about this. Lets see what they say.

Thanks a bunch for mailing them! Will keep a close eye on this…


They replied that its not their job to help us find the right noc :roll_eyes: I’m not sure if there is one for UX Researcher.

Since your work involves building better software could you somehow fit into this one. I know its a stretch

NOC - 2011

  • Consult with clients to develop and document Web site requirements
  • Prepare mock-ups and storyboards

Wow! Sorry about having to hear that for me :slight_smile: and thanks for the NOC suggestion.
I’ll keep a list of these and see what I can do

Hi… I was wondering if you did end up figuring out the NOC? I am in the same boat :frowning: Also based in the Silicon Valley with two Masters - Psychology and Marketing. I am a Sr UX Researcher. Any help appreciated! Thanks!

@sabah1023, @anon25417004 , @myarchismo -

I have done a 2.5 months (10 weeks) User Experience Research internship in USA. Can a short stint be counted towards work experience? Secondly, what NOC will that be counted under?

I’ve had experience working as Ux researcher and Ux designer, what would you suggest would be the closest NOC for me?

did you find the Node code.

I am sailing on the same boat. I am UX researcher and designer from 4+ year experience

Please who can help with the NOC for a UX Researcher. I’ve searched and searched but can’t find a suitable one. Thank you in advance.