PNP for purpose of PR

Hey, (Incoming rant/stress)

So, I am in the initial stages of going for PR. I do not have enough points for EE according to my lawyer so I’m having to add the BCPNP with it. My Employer is willing to do this and willing to pay the fee to extend my current Work Permit. This, unfortunately can not be done till Nov as I have had to have worked at current job for 1 year to enrol in PNP. They do not want me to have to leave and has stated that they will do everything to support me in order to get Permanent Residency. I’m 35, having to complete 15 months of skilled work experience in Vancouver to go along with my 9 months in NZ in that field. I also have to get CLB 10 in either CELPIP or ILETS which is turning into a nightmare as CELPIP ratings are not consistent. (L 11, R 11, W 8, S 10) always above 10 on 3 attempts with the exception of writing (I know it deserves more, and I’m aware others have issues with that too) but that is another story. My NOC falls in the top 100 fields so I get extra points for that. I do not have any points for education. My lawyer is great but emphasises " Let’s hope the cut off score doesn’t go up" I’m like panicking big time as apparently I will only scrape through…but I will have nearly 1000 points after the PNP and EE points. My work also bumped up my pay to meet minimum market wages for that occupation. I’m starting to panic, hence the rant…y would nearly 1000 points not be enough and what other options do I have if I do not have enough points?? I can not even begin to fathom having to leave this amazing city. I dont know if I’m looking in the right stream (skilled work)but something about PNP points needing to be 95 currently… I do not have 95. I believe I have 89. I am panicking