PNP through Intra Company Transfer Option

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First thing, Kudos to for putting together this community to discuss all our queries. This is really helpful.

I will come straight to the question, as most of us are in the same boat of H1B and stuck in the uncertainty. :slight_smile:

Currently, I’m working for an MNC which has offices across different provinces in Canada. I have created my profile in EE and my score falling below 400 and I don’t think, I’m going to get a federal ITA. I was exploring different PNP progs and found that BC Tech Pilot doesn’t require LMIA and looks like I’ll be eligible for it If I have the job offer from an employer in BC.

If I request an Intra-Company transfer from my company to an office location in Burnaby, BC, What are the things I need to start gathering from my company to apply for BC PNP? Though it would be a transfer, Does my company has to issue an offer letter and what are the mandatory clauses it should state? like duration of emplyment, salary etc.,


You can use something called the “Intra-Company Transfer prog” to come work for the Canadian office of your company. The work permit you get under this prog does not require an LMIA. To use this you have to have worked for the company outside Canada for a minimum of 1 year. The three categories that qualify for this visa are Executive, Senior Managerial; and Specialized Knowledge.

The BC PNP processes are called “BC PNP SKILLS IMMIGRATION AND EXPRESS ENTRY BC PROGRAM” you will be going for “EEBC — SKILLED WORKER” as it’s faster. To qualify here are a few that I things you will need (I have dropped some that are very obvious)

  • Have received an Express Entry Profile Number and a Job Seeker Validation Code from the IRCC Express Entry system. This shows you meet the minimum criteria for one of IRCC’s Express Entry progs: (FSW in your case)

  • Have accepted a full-time, indeterminate job offer (a permanent job, or one with no set end date) from a B.C. employer. The job must be in a National Occupational Classification skilled occupation (Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B).

  • Have at least two (2) years of directly related work experience

To start the process, create a profile with BCPNP Online. After submitting your registration, you will receive a score based on your skills and job. They invite people with the highest scores to apply through BCPNP Online.

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You are correct there is a new BC PNP prog called “BC Tech Pilot” that that sends out weekly invites to applications who have registered in BC PNP and are working in one of 32 listed tech NOC’s in B.C. This is the fastest option of them all (priority processing). A valid job offers is required.

  1. Once you have figured out your NOC you will have to register with BC PNP where you will get registration score (it’s free).

  2. This also has its own invite process where weekly they will send out invites to the highest-scoring technology sector registrants.

  3. Once you receive your invite you have 30 days to submit your completed application (online) and pay the fee (CAD 700)

  4. Your application will get priority processing

  5. When approved you will get your nomination letter (PNP) that you can then use with your Express Entry application and enjoy 600 additional points which ensure you get PR (ITA)

List of 32 Eligible Occupations for the BC PNP Tech Pilot

Thanks for your detailed response.

My NOC is 2171 Information Systems Quality Analyst and have more than 8 years of experience. Last year I made switch to new company and will be completing my 12 months by end of this May and I have created my EE Profile and have a job seeker validation code.

I have couple of questions:

If I have to take Intra-Company transfer route, does 2171 Information Systems Quality Analyst qualifies to specialized knowledge profession?

If I have to apply for PR through PNP route rather taking an Intra-Company transfer now, If my company agrees to issue job offer, what should be job start date on it, as it would take a few months to finish the PR process?


Hi @anon25417004
could you please shed more light on this TechPilot prog.
Good to see there is some option for BC which does not require job offer from province.
I tried looking at the links but somehow it opens BC PNP regisration where they are asking details which i believe person having job offer can fill (like min wages)

Our details are as mentioned below:

CRS 423
NOC 2173
EE profile applied somewhere in Oct 2017 still waiting :slight_smile: and exploring options like @p.mehaboobkhan

  1. ICT work permits are not as simple as the express entry process and require lawyers who have to show how you fit the criteria for specialized knowledge profession.

  2. The start date is between you and your employer, it’s a contract if both parties agree then the date can be modified in the future. The start date also does not factor into if an offer is considered valid for express entry. Here is what CIC thinks is a valid contract

Sorry I wasn’t very clear since I was replying to someone who is able to get a job offer. Tech Pilot does require a valid job offer. It just speeds up the process for those that have one.

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Thank you for your response. This clears up my questions.

Thanks for clarification

Hi @vik
My company is looking into option of Intra Company Transfer to Toronto location may be. If i go down this path and move to Toronto on ICT, How do I go next to get PR from Toronto location?
With my current CRS score, I’ll not be getting Federal ITA, but can I show this as job offer and claim 50 points in EE pool? If yes then I would cross 400 mark then will I eligible for OINP?

Can anyone please respond to this thread?


I think if you show a job offer in Canada you get 200 points extra for EE, although I’m not sure about the LMIA requirements for getting those 200 points.

If you move there on work visa and start working, then you become eligible for PNP, CEC as well as EE. For EE you need to cross ~450, given current trends. I’m not sure about PNP and CEC process.

If you have not given your IELTS, try simulating CRS score with maximum IELTS score, and add all other info and see what score you get. If it’s still not clearing CRS cutoff trends in the best of scenarios, then moving there first on work permit and applying under other stream is probably the best option.

Thanks, @avj for responding.

I have given my IELTS and I lost points because I didn’t score CLB 9 in listening and all others are above CLB 9. :frowning_face: , that landed me below 400 mark and my wife hasn’t tried IELTS yet.

I might fall into LMIA exempt category under ICT NAFTA agreement(not sure if it is applicable to Indian citizens), as I’m working for the US-based firm and have a few offices in Canada. As my job falls under NOC A category, I think I’ll get only 50 points If I move on a work permit.

I think immediate option I have is to try for Ontario PNP as soon as I land there and CEC needs 12 months of work experience in Canada, so that will take a bit of time.

Did anyone here try Ontario PNP outside EE stream or gone through a similar scenario? Please chime in.

Appreciate your response @avj :+1:

Please check the following thread for more details on Ontario PNP.

Hi, Is your ICT through?

Hi Mehaboobkhan - Wanted to follow up on your question regarding BC PNP program.Now that they have the tech pilot program, if we do an intra company transfer from US to Canada and have a valid offer, would that qualify for the tech pilot BC PNP.I was not clear on the comments from this thread if an intra company transfer would be eligible for a job offer ultimately qualifying for PNP.
Please let me know.

I have a doubt… I moved to Canada on ICT work permit recently 2 months back similar to the guy opened thread. Can I claim job offer 50 points in EE if my employer is ready to provide.? Or I have to work with ICT for one year to claim that job offer 50 points

Hi, I am in a similar situation. My company is willing to provide an intra company transfer. Does that mean i can apply for Express entry and show case this as a job offer?

How do we get JOb seeker validation code. I have created EE profile. I filled NOC and skill type details for creating EE profile. I am not able to find JOb seeker Validation Code. :frowning:

I got it. I never read messages. It had job seeker validation code.