I have recieved my ITA. I have 56 days left.

Can you please let me know when should I upload the docs or send it. As I have running around for PCC as I have to get PCC from
3.Sudan as none of th embassises are replying i working on it.

Can you please let me know when should i submit or upload the docs. It would really helpful. Should i get the medicals now


I believe you can upload the documents as they become available. Medicals should be the last as your PR visa will be valid until the expiry of your medicals or until the expiry of your passport, whichever is earliest.

Also, make sure to submit all required documents before ITA expires. All the best!

You have 60 days after receiving ITA to submit it. If your PCC’s from these countries does not arrive then atleast attach proof that you applied for these PCCs in the respective sections and submit on last day.

HI Anshul,

Thanks for your email. Submitting on the last day or 10 before wont it be a problem? As i take medicals now, the reports would be sent directly to cic in 10 days. So submitting at last minute wont it affect my profile.


You need only the receipt from the physicial to be uploaded, not the actual results. You can submit any time within the 60 day window if you have all docs ready.