PR Card Application abandoned for dependent child

Hi All,

We landed in March 2020, got our COPR stamped and gave a friends address ( Canadian address) for our PR card.My spouse and I received our PR cards in the last week of July.IRCC asked us to update the Canadian address for our child’s PR card.When we did that immediately.IRCC then asked us to confirm our child’s details as they apparently had multiple profiles for our child. We did all that.**Now we got an email saying that they had abandoned or child’s PR application as we didn’t provide a Canadian address in a timely manner.**We have to reapply for the PR card.I would appreciate your input on the following;

1) Should be reapply now or apply after we physically move to Canada?We have the stamped COPR and we live in Seattle, so we will be driving across the border.

2) Our child is a US citizen and we plan on moving after the pandemic restrictions are over.US citizens can enter Canada without any other visas.

You can only apply for a PR card from within Canada.

From outside Canada you need to apply for a PRTD, but since your child is American, that’s pointless. You should apply for their PR card after settling in Canada permanently.

Thank you for taking the time to respond! so my kid won’t lose their PR status even if they abandoned her PR card application correct?

No, they won’t lose status.

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