PR card returned to CIC

I landed on Aug 18th 2019. My PR card was mailed on Sep 4th 2019 by IRCC. However, I never received it. When I called them on their helpline on Sep 19 and verified my address, I realized that the address on file was incorrect. Thus, the IRCC agent told me that she has corrected the address and also put a note that “If it is returned to the IRCC processing centre, they will immediately send it out to the correct address”.

Thus, when I called them back on Sep 24 2019, the agent told me that the card has returned and it will be sent out immediately.

Now, when, I called them back on Sep 26 2019 just to verify that they have mailed my card, the agent said that the card will be mailed within 15 days of it being returned.

Then, I called them back on Sep 27 2019, another agent answered my call and said the card will be despatched within 7 days of it being returned.

Then, I called them back today, Oct 1 2019, to re-verify that as 7 days are over since the card was returned, it will be dispatched as per the agents comments on Sep 27, 2019. However, a new agent answered my call and told me that the card is still not mailed out and it will take “upto 6 weeks” for the card to be sent back to me.

Please can some help me understand the process of re-sending back the card when it gets returned and how long IRCC takes to send it back.

Hi a_v

I am in similar situation and my card was returned back to CIC due to incomplete address. My address didnt had unit# which caused confusion. Could you please tell me your timeline when you received your PR card finally.


Hi All! I landed on October 27. I’ve been looking up my PR card application and kept getting a message that my application was not found. I was wondering how I would know whether it’s mailed or returned to CIC? Thank you for sharing your experiences in advance!

Hi Fan,

Just complete your IRCC webform and query them. They usually respond within 5 business days with status. Ask them clearly if your PR card was returned to CIC by Canada Post as undeliverable coz of address. If not you have to complete solemn declaration and apply for new card. Let us know what IRCC says


Hello! I completed the webform and they responded with generic information such as which websites to check for processing time and your application status. They still don’t recognize my PR card application, as it gives me the same error message that my application is not found. I wonder how long it’s taking others to be able to see their status.

By the way, in case my photo or something else didn’t meet their requirements, would they communicate with me via email or via mail address in Canada that they have on file? Thanks!

You have to call them and update the address.

Hi, thank you for responding! I don’t think it applies to my case though, as my address is the same as the one I gave them during landing.

If I were you, I would call them and check on the status after the ideal processing time deadline has past.

Absolutely! I’m back in the US now, and the line cannot get through unfortunately.