PR Sponsorship for Spouse


I have a question related to the process of Sponsoring Spouse for PR. I am getting married next month and I want to bring my spouse to Vancouver. She already has her tourist visa approved.

  1. Can the spouse be in Canada when I start the Sponsorship Process for PR?
  2. Does it fall under ‘Spouse PR staying inside Canada’ or ‘Spouse PR staying outside Canada’?
  3. Does she need to leave within 6 months?
  4. For how long does she have to stay out of Canada before she can visit again?
  5. Can she stay in Canada for more than 6 months on Visitor Visa if their PR Sponsorship Application is already in Process?
  6. Which option is better Individual Express Entry or Sponsoring Spouse for PR? Which will take less time?
    Any insights about which approach to take would be really helpful. Thank you.


  1. Can? Sure. Should? Not sure. There are some complications with this, especially deciding whether to apply inland or outland. Spouse living with you has a positive impact on your application since you dont have to provide too much proof regarding the authenticity of the marriage, but the 6 month limit might come into play and whether or not she can travel on an inland application.
  2. I think you can decide either way. Since shes on tourist visa she’s not a resident so outland application seems more appropriate. She may have to travel back to home country for biometrics, interview etc.
  3. Everyone has a 6 month limit, unless there’s any rule that lets your extend if PR application is in progress.
  4. For most tourists, the clock restarts even if they go outside Canada for a day.
  5. Needs more research.
  6. Sponsorship is much easier; less work on her part.

It might make more sense for her to first visit on the tourist visa, then return to her home country, and they you apply for PR. This sort of proves that the “tourist” returned to home country. Based on what I’ve read, it’s also OK if she visits now and then. But don’t quote me on this yet, this needs more research.


There’s also the option of applying for an open work permit which will also let her find work in Canada. This option might be much cleaner than the tourist visa. PR applicants are allowed to apply for open work permit, although I don’t know too much about it.

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