PR - Vancouver, BC

Hi, not really sure what category this falls into but in process of PR for Vancouver, BC ie doing CELPIP…Which is really starting to annoy me as I need CLB 10 in all 4 sections and like everyone else it seems, keep getting an 8! ( I know it deserves more, but that’s another story)

I am eligible for EE and just scrape through with points if it stays at current rate (providing I get CLB 10) I also have to go through the Provincial Nominee Program which my Employer is doing everything to help as they dont want to lose me as an employee.

I am starting to stress that I won’t get an invitation to apply for PR when the time comes for EE…it’s not for a while yet but I want a back up plan if I don’t reach the amount of points for an invitation to apply. Are there any other routes, if this way falls through, just might take longer? My Employer does not want to lose me and is in the top 100 fields for NOC…which can change at any stage. Last thing I want to do is have to leave permanently.