PR visa - first name issue

I received my CoPR and the stamped one-time temporary visa. My first name and last name are accurate in the CoPR document. The temporary visa is missing the last character of my first name that I believe is because the no. of characters in my first name is > 15.

Would this be a problem during departure/landing or with the PR card later? Is CoPR document the only thing that matters?

@avj - Could you help with my query? Thanks.

I don’t think that’s a big issue with CBSA (Canadian border officials) whether it’s on CoPR or PR visa. I think you’ll need to clarify this with the airline before departing. If they say it’s an issue just fly to the border and drive across and finish the landing via land.

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Hi @th1ru,

I have the same issue with my visa. The last letter of first name is omitted. Did you face any issues at Port of Entry or anywhere else?
Is it required to get this corrected?

@kmsshru The airline (Alaska airlines) said it’s not an issue as long as the ticket and passport matches. I’m traveling late Jan. I will update after my travel.

@kmsshru I just traveled to Vancouver. No issues at all.

Thanks a lot @th1ru for keeping me posted :slightly_smiling_face: