Prescription medicine

If I need to get my prescription medicine from US to Canada, is it allowed?
Also, please can someone explain what is the procedure to get that during the very first landing in Canada?


My permanent landing. But I am carrying nearly 50 tablets with myself as I need 1 each day. Going there and getting prescription drugs in the first month itself from a Canadian Dr. will be very difficult.
Hence I have this question.

I haven’t made the actual move yet so I can’t answer your question accurately. However, since we will be moving soon, we got our doctors to write a 3 month prescriptions for all the medications which we need in Canada and will be carrying with us. That is what I used to do while carrying medicines from India to US too so I don’t think it should be an issue.

Thanks for your reply. However, my prescription is from a Dr. in India and I am moving from US to Canada.

I guess that should be fine as long as you have a prescription to show if asked.

Thank you.