Profile Evaluation and recommendation

I would seek your help in points calculation and which way to go.

Details - Married, no kids

Me -
Age - 31,
Education - Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from India,
Experience - 9+ Years in India and US Combined

Spouse -
Age - 29,
Education - MBA from India
Experience - No Experience

Kindly help with points calculation and who should be primary appicant

I am assuming that you are applying for Express Entry. This process requires you to have work experience in one of the required occupations. Computer Science, Computer Engineering, etc are on that list and you have a great deal of experience too. This makes you the principal applicant as you will need proof of work documentation and an NOC number to fill the application.

Your spouse will not qualify to apply for Express Entry, she can however be on your application. So the points here don’t matter. The extra points she will get for her masters level education will help your application.