Profile Submission Question

Want your input in this situation

  1. Last year in October, I submitted my express entry profile. I was the Primary applicant and my wife was the secondary applicant. I did not get any invite till last week. So I withdrew my profile from the express entry pool.

  2. Earlier this month my wife re-took the IELTS exam and score very well. With her being the primary applicant and me being the secondary, with her new score, we calculated our CRS score in the CRS calculator and it came up to be in the 470’s.

  3. So we created a new profile with her being the primary applicant and me as the secondary and submitted the profile for the express entry. Now when it asked in the profile that “Have you previously applied to CIC?”, We said “No”. Will this cause any problem?

Your opinion will be appreciated !!


You withdrew your profile so you didn’t get the ITA, didn’t submit any documents so you didn’t actually apply for any immigration benefits. If you had selected “Yes” it would’ve asked your unique client identifier (UCI) number to link your applications to past applications which is not true in your case.

That means I am good.

Thanks @avj for the response. Really appreciate everything you do here.

I have a similar query:

  1. In 2016 my wife applied to go to school in Canada with me as a dependent. We submitted all documents, paid all required fees and did our medicals but it didn’t work out.

  2. We just created an EE profile with me as the primary applicant and her as the secondary. When asked the question “Have you previously applied to CIC” we said “Yes” because of the situation in 2016. Do you think this is correct?

Any would be appreciated.


In your case it will be a yes. It may ask you for your UCI number and you can enter that. Wouldn’t make any difference to your current application.

Great. Thank for the response @avj!

I have a question for recent applicants:
After you submitted your EE profile, did you get an email/message in account saying “EE profile successfully submitted in pool”? I had gotten it in 2016 when I applied but some people don’t seem to getting it recently. Is it just stated on your CIC account that it is submitted?

No email. It just says “submitted” in the CIC account.

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Thanks, that’s what I wanted to know.

I got an email and a day later a confirmation notice on the site.

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