Profile submitted- received EE not eligible Message


I have checked the eligibility and it said Yes before I created the profile. Once I create the profile and sign it saying agree, I received an email saying that I am not eligible for express entry.

It does not show any scores as well, only blanks for every section. Below is my information to check my eligibility.

IELTS: 8 (L-8.5,W-7,S-7,R-9)
Masters Degree(ECA given)
Age 32
work exp more than 9 yrs

Masters(ECA Not given as its pending)
Did not take IELTS as the score came to 443

Can someone please check and let me know what could be the reason. Thanks!

If you received “not eligible” email immediately after EE profile submission usually it means you entered something wrong and the software automatically decided you were ineligible. Try this:
IELTS score
YES for your ECA, NO for spouse’s (which means don’t add her degrees in EE profile)
Your 9 years of work experience

Thank you for the information!

My spouse’s ECA will be coming in 2 weeks, I will wait for it and give a YES. Lets say if it gets delayed and I want to go ahead with only mine should I leave the education empty for her?

Regarding my 9 yrs experience, I have given each employers name with NOC code(different for each job) and duration as well.Is there any special instruction that needs to be made sure?

  1. Yes leave it empty
  2. You get maximum points for 3 years of foreign experience, anything over that is redundant.

cool, Thank you Anshul!

Regarding the 3 yrs of Foreign experience, I will reduce the 9 yrs and make it 3 years to avoid documentation.
Is it OK to include any 3 yrs from my over all experience or it should be 3 yrs past from current?

Any three years for which you can show documentation/Reference letters.

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Since the application said ineligible, would it be better to create EE application with an other email or it does not matter even if I use the same account for any application