Proof of Funds, degeee Transcripts

Hi. I’m from India. I’m new to this platform and still figuring my way around it. I have received my ITA and have the following questions.

  1. Proof of Funds: about 6-7 YEARS ago, my mother had created bank Fixed Deposits in my name. I was still doing my M.phil/phd at the time and therefore was on a stipend. Those FDs are still unused. They are only in my name and I have complete access to the money whenever i may want it, however, technically, the money belonged to my mother. Will these FDs work as proof of funds? I understand that they’re more than 6 months old, but will a question arise as to how did I have that much money when I was still studying at the time these FDs were created? If this is an issue, will a gift deed from my mother be sufficient/required?

  2. I have done a PhD, an M.phil, a masters degree and a bachelor’s, all from India. I have the ECA for the phd as well as the m.phil degrees. As I understand, there are no transcripts available for a phd degree. But for my M.phil, in addition to the ECA, the degree certificate and marks cards, do I also need to upload transcripts?