Proof of funds for Express Entry


  1. No idea. If they aren’t able to provide a letter, you can attach the monthly statements which you can download from your account online.

  2. As long as your liquid funds can cover your expenses and I am assuming your Capital One account has been around for more than 6 months, you should be okay.

  3. Yeah, just combine the documents into a PDF.

Dear Community,

This is Ahmed, I reside in Saudi Arabia and I am a Pakistani National. i hope if you could answer my question about POF. I need a total of 24000 CAD for a family of 4.

I have three abnormal transactions in my account whereas the rest is fine, which is my monthly incoming salary. I have made three cash deposits to my bank account in Saudi Arabia which is in Saudi Riyals, with a approx value of 8700 CAD , 6800 CAD and 6900 CAD if i convert those amounts in CAD. The time difference between these three transactions is almost 25 days to a month.

The first and second transaction came from a Car which I sold in Pakistan and converted that money to Saudi riyals in Pakistan, and brought with me to Saudi Arabia and deposited to my account. I have the receipts of converting Pakistani currency to Saudi Riyals. I also have the official sale deed of the car.

The third payment came from the rental income of a house which I have in Pakistan. My tenant resides here in Saudi Arabia and his family resides in my house in Pakistan. My condition was to get one full year rental upfront. Which he gave me in the shape of cash in Saudi currency and we have the rental agreement, but that rental agreement is in the shape of Pakistani legal document and we did that when I was in Pakistan a couple of months back.

Would these documents be enough to show the authenticity of these cash payments? Is there anything i could do more to make sure that I won’t be asked for any further clarification on this?

I hope if someone could answer. I couldn’t find any relevant information on the internet.


Yes, that should be fine. Just mention where the cash came from in the letter of explanation. I don’t think it looks suspicious.

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Thanks for the response.

If you have proof of these transactions (in English or French,or can get them easily translated), I would that. For the transfers, as long as they’re your money and not borrowed from someone, there should be no issue.
Regarding the cash transaction, maybe provide explanation in letter of explanation as others suggested.

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Thanks for the response.

Thank you. I’m going to do the screenshots of bank statements.

Waiting on the PCC, rest of them are ready. Fingers crossed.

Hello everyone! I’m new here so I apologize if my questions have already been answered in previous posts.

  1. I’ve heard somewhere that if you have a lump sum deposited into your account, it should have at least 3 months maturity in your account to deem it acceptable that it is your money. Is this true?

  2. And how much would a ‘huge amount of money’ deposited would be considered a red flag?

  3. If my 6-month average is below the 12700 required but the total balance does, will that cause any problems?

  4. In the application, if I stated I would bring 12800 CAD, and my bank balance is more than that, would it be okay/better?

  5. Majority of the money in my account was given by my parents. Can I claim in a gift deed that since I was a child, this money was intended/to be given when the need arises?

Hoping for your insights! Thank you!

Hi guys, Just a quick question.

I am not an Australian permanent resident and I have sufficient funds (401K/ provident fund) in my Australian super account for proof of funds purposes for canadian PR.

Can i use my superfund balance as proof of funds for canadian pr process? Would really appreciate some help. Thank you

Hi avj,

Really need help asap.
My parents have deposited the cash(in lumpsum amounts) in my account as I am the primary applicant. So, I was thinking that cash might raise the red flags so, if I can ask my parents to transfer the amount in my husband’s account by 2 cheques as the gift deed since he is dependent on me. But the consultant is reluctant and advising that since he is the secondary candidate, I can’t show pof in his accounts. But I have read around various forums that it is fine if he is an accompanying partner and he is willing to give NOC for the same.

Hi @avj
Could you please advise regarding the proof of funds
I have US A/c with close to 7k CAD. But the balance over the past few months has been less (avg ~2.6k CAD) but it does show steady inflow of payroll along with some money i got from india as an emergency for some other purposes.
I also have a normal bank a/c in india under my name and a ppf account
Can i just show the US a/c and the normal a/c in my name (total combined current balance for both is more than 13K CAD, which is what i require)
I have more than sufficient in PPF, but not sure if i can show that alone.
Could you please suggest what to do

Any liquid funds in any of your banks can be shown, as long as you can get the proper documentation (statements at the very least, letter from the bank etc), if possible also add conversion rate of the day in the cover letter. If that amounts to more than 13k it should be fine, but you can throw in the PPF as additional.

Please Help
Have received below message from CIC
“You have included bank statements/documentation bearing your
spouse/common-law partner’s name. Please provide a letter from your
spouse/common-law partner to specify that you have full access to this money for the
purpose of settling in Canada”
Me and my spouse are applying together but still, the above message is sent by the CIC. So now what do I need to submit to CIC as me being the primary applicant and my spouse being dependant. We have shown a total of 9Lakh funds out of which I have shown INR 6Lakh FD and my spouse has shown INR 3L FD. Please revert

it’s right there in the message

Please provide a letter from your
spouse/common-law partner to specify that you have full access to this money for the
purpose of settling in Canada

Do I need to settle my loan account before submitting the proof of funds for Canadian immigration express entry? Currently I have an education loan which I took for my masters and I have been repaying since I got a job here in US. Should I mention about that loan on the bank letter? Please help.

Nope, that’s not required.

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@avj I have a question.

I am currently in process of submitting my eapr as I got ITA in the last draw. I also have the proof of funds but have some 7 transfers totalling 9k cad (in sept and Oct) into my pof account from my other account. All the transfers bear the name of my other account. I also have my salaries coming in throughout the duration… Abt 34k cad.

Do I have to submit the other bank acct letters… Am asking coz the cash in that account was paid in via cash in 7 transactions by my wife. It wasn’t a mobile transfer but an atm deposit.

Is it fine if I just submit the main pof account alone?.. As it has the sufficient funds. Just thinking whether cic would be concerned of the source of those 7 deposits even though it carries my name.

As long as it’s your money (e.g. transferred from one of your account to one of your other account) it shouldn’t be an issue, especially if the main PoF statement bears your name.

@avj Thanks.
From your post I believe the below should be sufficient,

  1. Bank letter of the pof account
  2. Bank statement for the last 6 months of pof account
  3. Liability letter from Bank showing I don’t have any outstandings with them of pof account.