Proof of work experience - help required!

Hi all, I am currently pursuing MBA from a renowned institute in India.
Along with the MBA iam working full time in a retail store, post my MBA classes.
My classes are from 8 am to 3 pm generally and after that, I work in the retail store. My 2 years of work will be completed in May 2020.
The mode of salary is in cash and I don’t pay income tax. But in the letter of employment, it is clearly mentioned that the mode of payment is in cash along with the working hours and my duties.

So I’m I eligible to apply for the Canadian immigration program and what other complications or paperwork will be required to prove my work experience.

Thanks in advance!

It depends on what immigration program you’re looking at.
A lot of people here have come in via the Federal Skilled Workers through Express entry.

This is a good place to start. Then you’d want to find your NOC and make sure that it is a job that qualifies for the program. The other thing to note is that you need full time work experience, I’m not sure what your work situation is but I’m unsure if you can use part-time jobs to meet the work experience criteria.

As for the money situation, you do need to show proof of funds based on your marital situation. For a single individual this is about Rs 7 lacs INR.

Also unrelated to the immigration application, you should always be paying the appropriate tax. Even if you fall in a slab where no tax is due, I think it’s a good practice to file your return annually. Having this documentation can paint a consistent and stable picture of your finances.

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Thanks for your reply!
My CRS score with is around 450, so I’ll be eligible for PNP. My preferred NOC code is 1211 or 1221.
Im doing more than 30 hours a week at work, which makes me a full time employee.