Providing Canadian Work Address for PR card delivery

We recently received PPR and are planning to move to Toronto this summer. We are planning to live in a short term rental for 1 month in Toronto while we explore and choose an apartment. I will be moving to the Toronto branch of my current employer in US. Since we won’t have a Canadian address for 1 month (except the AirBnB, which we will probably leave before PR card arrives), does anyone know if it is OK to provide the company Toronto office address, at the port of entry when we land and they ask us for an address to mail PR card?

I can’t really give a solid answer as I’m still waiting for my PR card but the advise I’ve been given from here and other forums is to use a friend’s address. Immigration doesn’t actually need an address ON arrival, they need an address within 180 days after arrival. If you’ve found a place before then you could just give them that address.

You can update your address using this form. I haven’t been able to update my address using that link since arriving on 20 Feb, so I faxed my new address to them using the form they give you when you arrive.

This is good to know that I can provide the address within 6 months, not necessarily at landing time. Thanks @Rushadee !

Hi @avj Just wanted to check this with you. Since you moved to Canada with a job offer, did you give office address for PR card at the airport when you landed (or do you know of anyone else who did)?

The reason I ask is that with 100+ days to get PR card these days, I would really like to get the PR card process start as soon as I land for good this July (I am not doing soft landing, it’s the actual hard landing). We want to travel in India around November (PRTD is an option, but would like to avoid that if possible). We won’t have the final apartment address until around 1 month after landing (as we plan to apartment hunt in Toronto while staying in a short term rental for a month), so it will be very convenient if I can give the work address in Toronto when I land.

I moved one year after landing. For PR card I gave address of an acquaintance after soft landing. Do you have any friends/acquaintances in Canada who can mail you the PR card (it has to be a residential address)?

Thanks @avj for the response! We decided to rent an apartment remotely with move in date very close to when we actually land. We are going through the leasing process now. So we will just give that address when we do the landing at the airport.