PRTD form question

Hello Everyone,

I did my soft landing two months back and now I am applying for the PRTD as I will be moving permanently in Dec.

My PR card is with my friend in Canada and I will be collecting from him once I reach there.

There is one question on the PRTD form which is little confusing to me.

section 13:
Answer “yes” or “no”
A. Were there any terms and conditions applied to you at the time you were granted permanent residence or landed in Canada?

Is meeting Residency Obligations comes under terms and conditions?

@avj I read you applied for PRTD, can you please help me over here.


Did they specifically mention about any “terms and conditions” during landing. i.e. did your landing go smoothly or were any conditions imposed on you? If not, then say “no”

Since you landed 2 months ago, you’re still within the “Living 2 out of 5 years in Canada” PR clock and you should be fine to apply for PRTD.

Is there no way for your friend to courier the PR card? That seems like a better option than having to apply for a PRTD.

Hi @avj

Thanks for the reply

My Landing was smooth, no conditions were imposed.

Was confused whether Residency Obligations are part of these terms or conditions.

I will go ahead with No as the answer.

Mailing seems little risky, read somewhere it can seized by customs.

There’s nothing illegal in sending the PR card via mail. I’ve not read a single instance where the PR card was seized by customs. I encourage you to do some research to make sure it is safe, but I would be surprised if it isn’t. Just make sure you send with a reliable and fast courier service (DHL, FedEx, UPS, Purolator etc.).

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You could always get new PR cards once you’re in Canda and I think it’s a myth that you can’t ship PR cards.

PRTD is the nuclear option in my opinion if no other option works for you.

I beg to differ regarding the PRTD. If you are waiting for PR card but apply for PRTD immediately after returning from Canada, it’s fine (I got one the same way). Takes only about a week to process.

Thanks @avj @panditji

How long is the PRTD valid for…l as in does it have an expiry date on it?

Usually multiple-entry (esp if you ask for it specifically in the cover letter), and validity for one year.