Query about Education history start date

I am going through my application one last time before submission and checking all dates and stuff.

In my education history, I have given the start as 04/2013 as per the Transcript (MS, USA)
But this signifies the time when I received an admit to the university and not the actual start of semester.
The actual start date is 08/2013 when I started living in USA.
This can be verified with the dates provided in address history and travel history as well.

Is this self explanatory? I do have proof of dates in transcripts.
Or do i need to change them so the dates are consistent across all sections?

Well technically since you started school in 08/2013, that is what should go in the education history, and not the date when you got the admit. At least that is what we have done for our application. You can may be wait and see what others have to say about it and then go by the general consensus.

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You should put 08/2013. That’s what I would have done considering that was my first entry to USA and matriculation to the university.