Query regarding the medical exam


Regarding the medical exam https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/medical-police/medical-exams/requirements-permanent-residents.html.

Can my spouse and I both go for the upfront exam? I see a note on the link, mentioning that spouses can’t go for the upfront medical exam?

I am not claiming any points for my spouse’s work experience and language skills in our EE profile.

Can someone please clarify?


Are you applying to sponsor your spouse, partner or child?
A new application process for the spousal sponsorship program came into effect on December 15, 2016. Spouses, partners or dependent children can no longer do an upfront medical exam. Wait for our instructions before going for your medical exam.

It says if you are sponsoring your spouse. Probably means you have a PR and are sponsoring your wife. My guess is it’s OK if she has upfront medical. But wait for others’ comments in case they have come across this issue.


As @avj mentioned - both can be done together. If I recall, you would have stated your wife as a dependent so she should be going with you.


Thank you so much guys for clearing this up


Guys did anyone face this thing?

During exam doctor asked if I am taking any prescription…as I was taking vitamin B12 injections each month so I told him that…he mentioned that in emedical profile and today he shared result summary and it says Grading as B instead of A and says comments as results of test are passed but due to mild deficiency of vitamin B12 he graded as B… and also mentioned it as YES for the questions of prescribed medicine…

Any body else got a grading B…is there any thing to worry here?

Did I mess up by telling about vitamin B12 myself becoz this test didn’t have any check for that itself??

One more question… can we see medical results by cic even before submit application?
Or how many days does cic take to approve medical once doctor submits to them


You will get the report emailed to you. You’ll get it within 10 days. I don’t think you can stop the report from being sent to CIC. And I don’t think you have screwed up.

Think of it the other way, what do you gain by hiding the information? If this comes to light through some other way, it’ll be information omission that would prevent you from applying for the next 5 years.


Probably i was not clear … I asked about results from CIC once report is submitted to CIC… my doctor has sent the report already to CIC yesterday…

thanks for the second point… yeah you are right… its better to share what is truth…


As long as you’re not a possible burden on their healthcare system due to serious illnesses or disabilities, it should be OK.


CIC does not give you a report on how they process your medicals. Once all your documents are submitted, CIC will start processing your profile. You should then know if you passed your medicals within 10 - 20 days.


Do we have to upload the report after its emailed to us or does it get uploaded automatically once the physician uploads it to CIC?



The physician directly sends it to CIC.


@avj @sherie @mrandmrssolapurkar @vignesh.pr in the Medical exam, do they check your blood pressure? whar does the physical exam include?


yes they check BP… it includes measuring weight, height… and then blood test to check hiv or schillis… eye vision test… physical test to check if main body parts are fine… urine test to check diabetes or kidney issues…


Hi Anshul - I had Multiple Kidney stone operations, do you think that be an issue?. Apart from that I havent had any medical issues.


If asked tell the truth. If you don’t have any medical condition currently and nothing else shows up in the test it should not be an issue.


So, is medical the first thing CIC checks after we have submitted our application for PR? And do they proceed further with the background and other documents verification only when we have cleared the medical test?


From what I have read on other forums, the background check happens twice - once before medicals are passed and once before PPR is issued. Usually, the first set of checks and medical clearance happens around the same time.