Question about filling out BSF forms / inventory / mover lists

Hey all!

We’re less than a month away from moving back home to Toronto :smiley:

Had a question for you all. When it comes to filling out the BSF Form, how DETAILED do you need to be?

List every item/every box and what’s inside?
Use broad categories (ex. electronics, garage, kitchen, furniture, etc)
Go somewhere in between? (ex. electronics - 12 boxes, etc.)

We’re NOT going to have a movers list/inventory list as we’re using uPack and packing everything up ourselves so the BSF form is all we’re going to have with us.

I’ve heard multiple things and would love some thoughts (even examples)!

Thanks for the help!

Based on my experience, customs officers don’t care about all the items you are bringing in Canada. They are more interested in big ticket items, for example gold, expensive handbags, multiple laptops that you don’t use etc. Small value items you can bucket under one category, like kitchen utensils, books, tools etc etc.