Question - EE Profile: Foreign experience

I have 8+ years of continuous full-time work experience after being employed with 4 different companies. I can get the experience letter for the two latest jobs which amounts to 4 years of skilled employment (Same NOC)

Since maximum points are awarded for 3+ years, can I ignore the remaining years of experience while creating the EE profile? I dont want to go through the hassle of getting the letters from other previous employers due to certain reasons.

Will this be misrepresentation if I deliberately ignore certain years of employment experience? TIA

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Yes, you will only need proof of work letters for 3 years that you claim towards points. It’s not misrepresentation their own rules say you can only get points for 3 years.

What @anon25417004 said.

However be sure to add all your earlier experiences in the “history” section of the application whenever asked.

Thanks @anon25417004 @avj