Question regarding PCC from Atlanta Consulate

Hi All,

I am new to the PR application. So , please bear with me. I received ITA during the last draw and in the process of collecting the required documents. I am currently in Atlanta, USA and have already sent the fingerprints for FBI clearance. I have few questions regarding PCC from India. I was going through the Consulate website and found that we need to submit 3 “Personal Particulars Proforma " form. The form asks to attach photos but doesn’t mention any particular size. Should I affix passport size(2” x 2") photos? If , anyone visited Atlanta Consulate, please help.


I got my PCC done from Atlanta. yes regular PP size (2x2) photo would suffice.

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Thank You !

Hi ,This is our experience from the visit on 21st .Here are some points which can help you.

  1. keep your mobile in the vehicle as it is not allowed inside consular office.
  2. When you are inside the consular office ,write your name and purpose of your visit in the register kept there,as they will call your name from register.
    3)Even though the Consular office opens at 10:30 am, you can plan a little early as the rush mounts by the opening time.
  3. Keep 3-4 copies of your 2X2 photos (you can get cheaper deals from COSTCO if you are a member).
    5)Keep Photocopies of your passport ,residence proof,work status etc.
    6)They are going to keep the passport with them when you are applying for indian PCC,so plan your things well in advance (if you dont have any other ID).The passport will be returned along with your PCC.
    7)The Personal proforma form is provided to us by them ,we were lucky as they took the print for us , but be ready to arrange your own.
    8)Look out for parking space if you are going to use your own vehicle as the parking space inside is generally crowded.

I must say the staff was very helpful and patient in terms of handling the queries .

Hope this will help.

Did you receive your PCC already? If not let us know when you receive it… just wanted to know what your timelines looked like…

No,we have just submitted.They said it will take atleast 4-6 weeks.Will update once receive it.

We went there in person on Oct 22nd and submitted our documents along with a return envelope. They called us on Oct 26th to inform that PCC is ready. It got delivered to us in mail on Oct 31st.

Hi Jayjay-

The lady at the counter mentioned that it would take around 8 to 10 days if they find our records in their internal database. If not , then it will go to regional passport office and then to the respective police station. If it goes to India, the process might take anytime between 2 to 4 months depending on the response of the corresponding police station. They will call and let us know after 8 to 10 days. Hope this helps.

Instead of risking 2-4 months timeframe, I am anyway going to India in few days. I am thinking of getting PCC done right there at the Passport Seva Kendra in Mumbai. Is that a decent option?

I have heard they do same day PCC.