Reference letter and payslip


I worked in a company 1 year fulltime and 2 year part time I have worked experience letter from them but it doesn’t include my salary and I dont have payslip.
Is that gonna be a problem applying for pr. Currently I am working in a diffrent company for 1 year plus and I have payslips

Ideally you need an experience letter on a company letter-head signed by your manager/HR. containing the following information.
-hours per week
-type of employment full-time/part/time/contract
-Years of experience - start and end date of employment
-roles and responsibilities.

If any of the above information is missing you need to provide additional documentation to suffice. But it’s at the discretion of the officer reviewing you application to accept/reject these documents.

-Salary (payslips/ tax returns etc)
-hours per week (payslips, timecards etc)
-type of employment full-time/part/time/contract (offer letter)
-Years of experience - start and end date of employment (Offer letter + Relieving letter)
-roles and responsibilities. ( A letter from a peer - notarized maybe)

Hi In my work experience letter its say salary depends upon the project she work