Regarding Canadian PR

Hi all,
I and my spouse both are 44, 46 years old respectively. So we won’t get any points for our age. I am in QA but have not been working for some time now. Spouse has 18 years of experience in Java. Working as Sr. Application Engineer in Electricity domain. He has done B.E (Electrical) in 1996. I have done B.Sc. and 2 year diploma in computers from NIIT. I have work experience over 10 years but not working since the last 2 years. We are in US since 2006 but no extra points for US work experience.

IELTS scores are 6/6.5 in writing and rest other between 7.5-8.0. No education or work experience in Canada, no masters degree elsewhere. No relatives in Canada.

We do not have enough points as you can see.

My question is mostly around work permit, if we get lucky enough to secure a job offer from Canadian employer, will that get us enough points to apply for PR?
If we do get job offer from Canada, should we become eligible immdiately for applying PR or is there a wait period for 1 year and then apply for PR?

Second question is about Study visa. If I get study visa, my husband will be able to apply for job based on open work permit through my study visa. So once he gets job will he will be eligible to apply for PR now? Or are there any limitations on this route that we will take?

Please advice. Thank you in advance for reading my question and helping us.

Regarding your first question, there’s a calculator in IRCC website. You should fill out your details and the calculator will throw total score that you can secure. Once you have the score, you should be able to understand through research if that’s good enough.

I am not sure about your second question though.

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First question - you have to wait 1 year to get work experience points. Also you need to get 8 (listening) 777 in IELTS. If you need help with writing section, you can use sites like to improve writing.

Second question - this is possible and you will have wait about 1 year for getting canada work and study points.

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Again on question #1 some additional pointers (because I am on the same boat):
You can get your dependents in Canada using tourist VISA (that you have to apply before you apply dependent’s PR), and once the dependents are in Canada, you wait for a year and start filing family sponsor PR. I have heard it’s possible to extend the tourist visa if you show IRCC that you are PR holder and your dependents are waiting for family-sponsorship PR, which is under process. But the dependents will not be covered under medical insurance as long as they are in tourist VISA.

Please do your own research, all the information I mentioned above might not be valid/partially valid.

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Thank you for your response. I got to know that one can’t get Study Visa after 45 in Canada. So study visa option is no more there for us. if anyone else knows otherwise for Study visa, please share the details. Thanks