Regarding IMM 5406: Native Language

Hi all,

I am not sure if everyone has to fill out this IMM 5406 form, but I need to do that to add my newborn.
I have two questions here and wondering if anyone can help me with that.
(I checked in the forum and other sources over the internet, but could not find anything specific)

Q1: The instruction mentions to fill out this form in English and native language.
Did you all fill out a separate copy of the form in your mother-tongue?

Q2: Primary applicant, common-law-partner, and anyone in the immediate family 18 years older have to fill out this form.
There’s a field named “Applicant”.
For my version, I am the applicant and I need to add my wife, child, parent etc.
However, who will be the applicant on my wife’s form? I think it’s going to be my wife (because Applicant is not equal to Primary Applicant)- but let me know if I am missing something.

Thank you all Express Entry gurus.

I really appreciate your help.