Register a startup

Hi All,
We are working on a kids educational startup and the website is under construction.
Meanwhile we want to register our company as a corporation or LLC in Ontario since we received our PR recently. Not sure which to choose?
Looking for advise from experienced folks on the do’s and don’ts and the steps to follow for registering a startup in Canada.?
Do we need to go via CPA or can we do it by ourself ?Its just me and my spouse for now who will be part of LLC or incorporation.
Any pointers will be appreciated.

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LLC is a US thing I think… here you can have sole proprietorship or you can open as incoproration…

You can start with which is very simple website open either of this…
or better go with a local CPA who usually charge $300-350 and open it by asking you some information.

Thank you for the reply.
I checked with local CPA and he quoted around $800!
The federal incorporation done online is around $200