Rent in Mississauga

Hi there, we will be moving to Canada soon and will be looking to rent a home in Mississauga. What are some good places/areas within Mississauga to rent? We are looking to rent something with at least 3-4 bedrooms. What range can be we expect? Our son is 3 so we would also be looking for a place with a good school district. What are some options other than Mississauga for renting a home for a family? We will be moving from the US.

The range would be $2500 to 3000 for a house with 3-4 bedrooms in Mississauga.

Good school district- Oakville, same range.

Oakville schools are all mostly highly rated with the exception of a couple of them. 3 bed houses with basement, single garage typically are within 2600 and 2900 range depending on the neighborhood. 4 bed ones might be a bit higher.

+1 to Oakville.