Review for NOC-2173 Responsibilities

Hi All,
I got NOI from Ontario and this is for NOC 2173. I have selected this NOC based on the recommendation of my consultant because I was not much aware of this when I started the process. As per my profile, I am an SAP Consultant and the title is Advanced App Engineering Analyst. My roles and responsibilities mostly match with NOC 2171 but I can obtain the Reference letter for matching responsibilities with 2173.
Can I proceed to submit the application in this scenario or shall I not take any risk? Also, could someone please help me to review my reference letter? Currently, the Consultant is not helping me because he is asking me for more money.

Also, could you please help me to review my Intention Letter for Ontario?

Yes you should definitely proceed with 2173. Do you have a job offer? Or siblings living in Canada?

No, i don’t have any offer letter or relatives there.

OK what is your crs score?