Salary range for Engineering Manager / PM roles in Canada

I have few interviews in coming weeks - Can someone shed some light what are the base compensations for Engineering Manager / PM in:

  1. Toronto area
  2. Vancouver area
  3. Remote

How did it go? When I last interviewed with Canadian banks, they don’t go beyond $130-$150 for manager positions. Startups do offer $150-$170 but those are few and the work life balance would be hell. It’s best to try for US firms…I got a great opportunity last year that pays more than what I was getting in the US.

I am in the final rounds, Recruitment is so exhaustive - have given 5 or 6 rounds for each company.

This would help everyone, would appreciate it if others as well share their interview experience/Salaries and companies they are applying to. Few observations:

  1. Surprisingly found few companies notoriously pay very less for Engineering Manager roles - Skip the dishes, Shopify and etc ($125K).

  2. Other startups such as Snap commerce pay really well but could sense work-life balance is worst (they are ready to schedule an interview on Saturday - got out of it).

  3. Rapid7 pay range is in ~170K with good work life balance but I could not pass the initial screening.

  4. Few Toronto startups ghosted after final rounds - felt so disappointed.

I am currently Sr S/W Engineer and wants to move to a management/EM role - any tips or tricks? Any recommended companies hiring for these position with good WLB and decent pay?