Sending Passport to Different Offices

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Does anyone know what do with PPR request when you and your spouse are in different location, currently my wife is in India and I am in US, we are waiting for our PPR, let’s say once we get the mail, how can I request for a change of passport office for either of us. Mine needs to go in US/Canada embassy and my wife’s to India.
Anyone had the same situation? I read in some blogs that they you can mail and wait for the response and proceed as per that.
But if someone has done it already or know the process clearly, please let me know as it will help us immensely.

Thanks in advance!

Well, I am sure you have gotten your CoPR by now. Even then, I will answer the question since we faced the same problem. Yes, you can email CIC. They will then issue a second PPR. And both of you can apply individually. However, do remember that if applied through any immigration agency, then immediately let them know of your situation. They will raise the request on your behalf.
In our case, my husband was in the US and I was in India. When we got our PPR, we kept writing and calling CPC-O but did not get any response. Then, finally I explained our situation to the immigration agency through which we had filed our application. They raised a request through our profile and a second PPR was issued within a day.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your response!! I have not received the COPR yet, hopefully I should get that soon, as agent told everything is fine just processing is taking time.
I will follow what you suggested once I get the update, appreciate your response!

Have you received your PPR?

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Not yet @truseju

@truseju Hi, I received two ppr emails within one hour yesterday. One saying ‘Ready for visa’ and other one ‘Ready for visa - Use this if me or my dependent is in India’ which is the case where I’m in USA and my wife is in India.

So can I go ahead and send mine to Ottawa and she can send hers through VFS in India? IS that the second PPR email you got after raising the request?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, you both can send your passports to the respective case processing centers in India and the States. Make sure you follow the instructions very carefully. All the best.


Thanks for your response.

I’l do that then.

@truseju Troubling you again. So I got official reply from IRCC as well regarding sending the passport at different locations. But thanks for your input as well.
Now, I just want to confirm with you that like how many days it took for you and your dependent to get passport back and like you both got your passport around same time or days apart.
Actually I’ll be travelling out of USA on 18th July and as per tracking number my passport received on 18th June and my dependent in India submitted on 22nd June at VFS. Just want to see what are my chances to get it back on time before 18th July considering no delays from my side.

Thanks in advance.


My husband submitted his passport a couple of days after I did. I got my passport back within 7 working days. Mine was in New Delhi. My husband’s passport was sent to CPC Ottawa. He got his in 12-14 days. But again the number of days it takes to return your passport depends on the respective offices.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the quick response.

Almost similar case, I have sent mine to CPC Ottawa and my wife submitted through VFS to NDVO. Hope these guys are not busy at this time of year and it gets processed within avg. timelines.

Thanks for sharing anyways.