Sent return envelope with return address of Fedex office


I have sent my passports with return address as Fedex location close to my home.
I thought that should be fine at that point, but I am wondering if CPC-O have any issue that it is not matching my address in the application.

  1. Do you think this will be any issue?
  2. My passports reached CPC-O yesterday (April 2nd). How long it could take for them to approve and send them back?


CPC-O will not have an issue with sending that back, but check with Fedex as to whether they will accept a package if it is being returned to one of their stores. Usually takes about 12-15 business days for CPC to initiate the return shipment.

This is a service by Fedex that they hold our mails at their locations.

Also looks like there is discount if we do so as it would reduce their costs to deliver to our home. (I did not do it for discount though :grin:)

Then there shouldn’t be any issue with the package or the delivery of it.

I think the service that you are mentioning is when you still have your own address as return address, but want fedex/ups to hold the package at their center instead of delivering it. I am aware about that one.

Not sure about whether fedex could receive it on your behalf. Let us know how it went.

@usa2can I talked to them. What they said is if we opt for holding at fedex option, the address put on the label is of Fedex office. There is my name above the address though.

Sure, will let you know.

Ok , that makes sense, since you already enquired about it before shipping.
What I was referring to was when you want to place a hold at fedex when the shipment has already been dispatched.

Thanks All. I have successfully got our passports back. They were held at FedEx office as I requested and I collected them. There were no issues.