Separate Application for both spouses for better chances


Both myself and my spouse created 2 profiles in the express entry (we listed each other as dependents in respective profiles) We both got an invite to apply. I just submitted my application and we declined the invite for my wife. But she got the invite to apply again based on the May 9 cutoff. Is it ok to leave her profile as is without declining while my application is being processed. Any particular reason that we may need to withdraw the profile. She has another 3 months to decline. We figure in case there is any issue with my submitted application, we can use hers and submit through her profile but wanted to make sure that not withdrawing her profile will not cause any problems in my submitted application.



When you say you submitted the application you mean the final documents?

As long as you don’t accept both ITAs it should be OK. As you said you have 3 months to decline. If you are reasonably confident that your application (with wife as dependent) is complete and should go through, it should be OK to decline the other one it at end of 3 months.

It usually takes 3-4 months from final submission to get the PPR at which point your can be fairly certain you will get the PR visa.

@anon25417004, what happens if they neither accept nor decline the other ITA?


Yes, by submitted, I mean all the final documents have been submitted.
Yes, we plan to decline her second invite at the end of the 3 months and continue to decline if she gets another invite. Once my application goes through and we get to the PPR stage, we think it would be fine to withdraw her application